Posted by: Renee Gerber | December 30, 2008

You’ve Never Been on a Cruise…What’s All the Hype About?

So, you’ve never been on a cruise and all your family and friends are talking about it. What’s all the hype about?

Cruises are a great way to take a vacation that suits every budget and offers the best travel value for the money. Why is it such a great value? You pay one price which includes your cabin, meals and snacks, onboard activities including great Broadway-style shows, kids programs, pools, great exotic destinations and so much more. You know what the vacation will cost before you go. Your only extra expenses will be alcohol, optional shore excursions, spa treatments and souvenirs.

There are cruises to match the length you want…three days to three months! Anytime is a great time to cruise depending on where you want to go. For instance, the Caribbean is great year round. You can only cruise to Alaska between May and September; to Europe between April and November; Bermuda between April and October; and Panama Canal between September and April. See, it’s always the perfect time to cruise.

Now that you see what you’re friends have been talking about, it is time to book your first cruise!


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