Posted by: Renee Gerber | March 13, 2009

Feel the Motion of the Ocean

It is no doubt that when you are on a cruise ship, you will feel the motion of the ocean beneath you. While some people (myself included) love to feel this, others don’t like it so much. Usually you will only feel the gentle side to side motion. On the rare occassion that the waters are a little rougher, you will feel more. The large cruise ships today are built with stabilizers. These are a wonderful invention that helps the ship to correct itself when the waves move the ship.

As you may know, I just got off of the Carnival Imagination last week where I was hosting my second Girly Girl cruise. While on the ship, a few “first time” cruisers had asked me about the motion and what to do. I thought this was the perfect time to discuss some helpful solutions to motion sickness.

  • When booking your stateroom, try to get mid ship (front to back)
  • The higher you go on the ship, the more movement you will feel
  • Take a Dramamine or Bonine before getting on the ship. You want to prevent the onset of motion sickness. Once you feel bad, it is harder to get rid of it.
  • Take ginger pills with you. When feeling queezy, take the ginger pills.
  • For some strange reason, eating a Green apple will help calm your stomach.

If you stick to the guidelines above, you will have no problem at all. And just remember, you will have your best sleep on a cruise ship. I think it is the gentle rocking at night! Oh, I wish I was on another cruise right now!


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