Posted by: Renee Gerber | March 19, 2009

Why Use a Cruise Specialist?

People often ask, “Why should I use a cruise specialist?” There are plenty of answers to that question which is why I thought I should write about it today.

Part of booking a cruise vacation is actually planning. You want someone that “knows the ropes” so to speak and will listen to your needs when helping you plan the right cruise for you. When you call the cruise line direct, the reservation agents work for only 1 cruise line and that is what they will try to fit you into. As an Independent Cruise Specialist, I represent all cruise lines and will match you to the correct cruise line for YOU!

What is the difference between an Internet Discounter and a Cruise Specialist?

Internet Discounter/Cruise Line Agents:

  • An internet discounter is available 24/7 and you will only get to “chat” with someone through the computer.
  • A lot of the reservation agents may not have any real cruise experience.
  • They will reference the brochure for most of your questions. They do not take the time to take individual cruise line trainings or ship inspections.

Cruise Specialist:

  • Personal Service, 7 Days a Week- you will always get the same person that knows what you are looking for.
  • We advise you based on personal experience.
  • We actively look for ways to make your dollar go further.
  • We are always taking training, going on Seminars at Sea, conducting Ship Inspections and more.

Next time you decide to cruise, call us, Your Personal Cruise Specialist. We don’t charge more to give you our knowledge!


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