Posted by: Renee Gerber | May 11, 2009

Wedding Bells A Ringing

We are now in full swing of wedding season. These days more and more newlyweds are choosing a cruise for their honeymoon. Why? A cruise has so many advantages including convenience and value. Cruising offers a variety of onboard amenities and activities, fine cuisine, romantic evenings on deck, and relaxation by the pool. There is no place more romantic to spend a honeymoon than at sea on a beautiful cruise ship that will take you to your favorite destination. Instead of going on a land-based vacation and only seeing one place, you can sail away and see several amazing places that you never thought possible. While onboard you can still experience top rate entertainment, the spa (why not try a massage for 2), fitness center and room service.

Another advantage of booking your honeymoon cruise through CruiseOne- Renee & Michael Gerber, is the Honeymoon Registry. It is so simple. The bride and groom pick out the cruise they desire and put down the minimum deposit required by the cruise line. Then we take it from there. We set up the online registry where family and friends can donate money toward the value of the cruise. We don’t tell the guests how much the cruise will cost. By doing this, people may donate more than the cruise amount which will leave extra money for the bride and groom for onboard credit or spa treatments.

If you know someone getting married, have them call us to plan their Honeymoon Cruise and set up their Honeymoon Registry. No more receiving 3 blenders and 2 toasters! This will help the bride and groom get what they always wanted…a Magical Honeymoon to remember.

Call Renee at 866-568-0022 or email at today.

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