Posted by: Renee Gerber | January 21, 2010

Royal Caribbean / Haiti Controversy

As you may have seen over the past few days, Royal Caribbean International has been getting a lot of bad press regarding their decision to return to Haiti only days after the earthquake. Royal Caribbean stands by their decision to return to the island in order to bring much needed supplies as well as help rebuild the economic activity on the island. Other cruise lines such as MSC Cruises have supported the decision.

Most of the islands that are visited by the cruise lines are poor countries that depend on the tourism to survive. If Royal Caribbean were to stay away from Haiti, the Haitian workers on that side of the island (Labadee) would not earn money. I also understand that any food that is prepared for the vacationing cruisers while on Labadee that is left over is given to the Haitians working the island. This is a huge advantage to Royal Caribbean continuing service to the island.

I believe that Royal Caribbean made a hard decision and one that is right. If you have any comments regarding the situation, please post here.



  1. Royal Caribbean absolutely made the right decision! I'm sure the Hatiansd that are employed and sell their crafts in the straw market on Labadee would heartily agree. The last thing THEY needed on top of a natural disaster was to be laid off and lose their income. And the FIRST things their counyrymen to the south needed were the supplies that arrived at Labadee courtesy of the cruise line.Kudos to RCI, a company that has stepped up to the plate ONCE AGAIN in the aftermath of a natural disaster at one of their ports of call.

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